park bo young and seo in guk being a chaotic duo for more than 3 minutes

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  1. Kim Ha Neul

    Kim Ha Neul

    小时 前

    i loved this vid thanks for posting

  2. zimblaze


    10 天 前

    I watch this every single day omg

  3. Dark Queen

    Dark Queen

    14 天 前

    0:45 R.I.P headphones users

  4. Eudaimonia


    14 天 前

    And it was only the earlier moments of DAYS BTS... later they got closer and seems more comfortable with each other 😭

  5. Nini P

    Nini P

    19 天 前

    The editing lmao

  6. Angela Patricia Obliga

    Angela Patricia Obliga

    22 天 前

    Team pirs lab magkatabi hahah

  7. shirin sultana

    shirin sultana

    22 天 前

    I want a boyfriend like seo in guk oppa🥺🥺🥺

  8. photaetoe


    23 天 前

    They make my heart flutter like crazy🥲

  9. EZYMadalina 700

    EZYMadalina 700

    23 天 前




    23 天 前

    ميته ضحككك رجلهههه 0:33

  11. 365 Drama

    365 Drama

    24 天 前

    How did u add those tags BTW???🙄

  12. Ruby Sparks

    Ruby Sparks

    24 天 前

    00:43 lmao 😂

  13. Sukh Qazmi

    Sukh Qazmi

    24 天 前

    He has lost wayyyyyyy too much weight ino

    • Sukh Qazmi

      Sukh Qazmi

      24 天 前


  14. Toothpick Samurai

    Toothpick Samurai

    26 天 前

    my fucking eardrums...

  15. 3D_13_ Hikmah Wulan Septiana

    3D_13_ Hikmah Wulan Septiana

    27 天 前

    Vibenya kyak Louis. Hehe

  16. Linh Chi Phạm

    Linh Chi Phạm

    27 天 前

    I love to see their hands together like, Bo Young’s hand is soooooo small comparing to In Guk’s hand. And when her small little hand slapped his force head, it was as big as his force head. I replay that part for millions times and keep dying seeing the size difference 😍😍

  17. Alex rider

    Alex rider

    27 天 前

    Their bts chemistry is 1000000000000%

  18. g.gxselle


    27 天 前

    Their chemistry is so good ! I’m sad it’s gonna end soon though:(

  19. Rica Alba

    Rica Alba

    28 天 前

    Omg .super kulit nya pla tlga ..super cute .plss dont smile like that

  20. Khalissa Frdws

    Khalissa Frdws

    29 天 前


  21. Jannat


    个月 前

    park hyung sik is crying in the corner rn

  22. Shofura Afanin Nuha

    Shofura Afanin Nuha

    个月 前

    Seo in guk and park Bo young 🤣🤣 is mess + Dawon 😭😂😂

  23. User User

    User User

    个月 前

    Es que con cada actor que hace un drama cae bien como pareja, porque ella es taaaan linda

  24. namsaeng


    个月 前

    Not that bo young hair messing up with in guk 😂

  25. trina


    个月 前

    the way i ship everyone in this kdramas world lmao

  26. yakisoba


    个月 前

    What is the drama about?

  27. Ianna Lozano

    Ianna Lozano

    个月 前

    That "die b*tch"💀💀💀

  28. Oh mAn HoLy sHiT

    Oh mAn HoLy sHiT

    个月 前


  29. Sharmeen musa

    Sharmeen musa

    个月 前

    can park bo young just be in every year kdrama? she really cute & aghh i watched every drama she starred T-T

  30. Zndyta


    个月 前

    2:39 what's happening here? 🤣🤣

  31. smiley eiligh

    smiley eiligh

    个月 前

    im convinced all of bo young's co stars fall just a little in love with her. she is such a charismatic person

  32. novyanti santoso

    novyanti santoso

    个月 前

    i ship In Guk and Bo Young hahaha, i've shipped some on screen couple before, but i think they're the sweetest

  33. BTS Bigest fan

    BTS Bigest fan

    个月 前

    They both are looking really good together

  34. *Mood Spoiler 🙂

    *Mood Spoiler 🙂

    个月 前

    Rip my eardrum

  35. Koreanx Spritex

    Koreanx Spritex

    个月 前

    Well we all know that he look SOOO gooood in tht cigarette scene😂😂

  36. شـهہ‏‏د&گوگ آزريـﮯل🖤🔪

    شـهہ‏‏د&گوگ آزريـﮯل🖤🔪

    个月 前

    اول عربية 😁

  37. JustNuts


    个月 前

    New Drama?

    • athena lei

      athena lei

      个月 前

      yes. Doom at your service

  38. raisha madrin

    raisha madrin

    个月 前

    Bo young so cute

  39. Karla Sosa

    Karla Sosa

    个月 前

    Min 2:27 *Park hyungsik is sad

  40. drown yourself

    drown yourself

    个月 前

    gosh i love them so much.

  41. luvsachkash


    个月 前

    Wtf they make Lee soo hyuk the second lead and kill me. Give hima bad boy role and give the girl he will kill it

  42. Erika Charlize18

    Erika Charlize18

    个月 前

    I really ship her with every actor she works with! 🤩

  43. nelly


    个月 前

    So cute♥️

  44. Amara M.

    Amara M.

    个月 前

    i love SIG soooo much and i have been WAITING SO LONG for them to be in together. i've been really sad and raumatized these past few weeks tho so i dont want to like...make it sad. is the show sad ? i want to see them :( ty for the vid!

  45. Anisa Sya

    Anisa Sya

    个月 前

    Best casting🧡

  46. huvlor


    个月 前

    i’m literally in love with this drama and look forward to episodes every week. it’s so fun to see how playful they are behind the scenes :)

  47. justastudent


    个月 前

    the fact that me and park boyoung are the same height 5’2

  48. Bronny


    个月 前

    I love them so much - they seem so happy around each other

  49. Bronny


    个月 前

    He’s so cute and they are SO CUTE TOGETHER

  50. ella hana

    ella hana

    个月 前

    The way tae oh "what's happening here" that's so him 🤣

  51. I'm Melodyna

    I'm Melodyna

    个月 前


  52. Tamika타미카


    个月 前


  53. Hyunjun's Sweet Smile

    Hyunjun's Sweet Smile

    个月 前

    Someone left the chat lmao:-D

  54. Areeba Naseer

    Areeba Naseer

    个月 前

    In Guk is playful, handsome and talented as hell all at the same time. He really be blessed

  55. Tasneem Kanjee

    Tasneem Kanjee

    个月 前

    Haha great energy ,love the cast 👏👌

  56. Tanya Krotowa

    Tanya Krotowa

    个月 前

    The fact that I saw every clip lol

  57. sitinurhafizah


    个月 前

    oh rip earphone user

  58. Lea Joe

    Lea Joe

    个月 前

    From all the park bo young's drama I've seen, this two has the best chemistry behind the scenes! Shippppp so hard that I fart!!

    • Lea Joe

      Lea Joe

      13 天 前

      @sam woah didn't realize I have like 30 likes! Never have I ever imagine it! Thanks guys! And you who laughed at it! 🤣🤣🤣

    • sam


      18 天 前


  59. Pre Pre

    Pre Pre

    个月 前

    They are so cute together. ☺

  60. Stephanie


    个月 前

    I ship them.

  61. Jasslier Sanpascual

    Jasslier Sanpascual

    个月 前

    i already know about the three cast but im not really familiar with lee soo-hyuk and shin do-hyun but i really love the chemistry between them---and i just found out that lee soo-hyuk is from yg? whoaa--- still waiting for the next episodes....

  62. Bianey


    个月 前

    i’m so mad bro i ship park boyoung and park hyungsik so hard and watching these two here is getting me pissed😀

  63. JYJ


    个月 前

    They really make it hard for me not to ship them. They have that chaotic energy indeed 😂

    • Ariadne Marie Buscato

      Ariadne Marie Buscato

      个月 前

      Their energy is very friendly in the bts. Most other bts I've seen involve actors either being flirty or awkward. The bts for Doom are all professionalism while having a good time with coworkers

  64. Opportunity Knox

    Opportunity Knox

    个月 前

    He is an interesting actor 💎

  65. Kristeph Lillian

    Kristeph Lillian

    个月 前

    Park bo young is a really good actress. No matter who she's partnered with, she brings out the characters. im honestly so inlove with her *AGHH*

  66. Ankita


    个月 前

    Park hyunsik crying in corner😭😭

  67. its_ Chenii26

    its_ Chenii26

    个月 前

    I ship them😫🤚🏼

  68. BL00MY


    个月 前

    This is so freaking cute 😂😂

  69. Meerab Zaidi

    Meerab Zaidi

    个月 前

    2:38 LMAO

  70. Meerab Zaidi

    Meerab Zaidi

    个月 前

    They're so goofy and silly together lmao

  71. Meerab Zaidi

    Meerab Zaidi

    个月 前

    Park Boyoung has the prettiest eyes ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Dee W.

    Dee W.

    个月 前

    Wait...wasn't he in OH MY Ghostess for a quick bit?

    • ella hana

      ella hana

      个月 前

      Yeah... He appears as cameo in 2 of boyoung's drama

  73. mowla


    个月 前

    What drama are they doing?

  74. Yasaswini Kodali

    Yasaswini Kodali

    个月 前

    “Doo internnnnnn”

  75. CJ Imperial

    CJ Imperial

    个月 前

    Ahaha... I see a lot saying they feel like betraying Min Min (Hyung Sik) because I feel the same too when I look at these two, I'm forgetting Bo Young and Hyung Sik is my ultimate OTP but now... it's shaking 😅Undeniably, In Guk and Bo Young's comfortable chemistry is 💙

  76. Lea


    个月 前

    아 그들은 최고야

  77. famelicosebish


    个月 前

    I see my min min bong bong ship sinking

  78. MemeAliCiOUS


    个月 前

    How am I suppose to go on knowing that my subconscious is betraying MinMin 🥲💀😔

  79. ana clara

    ana clara

    个月 前

    i'm trying so hard not to but this only made me ship them more

  80. FARZ B

    FARZ B

    个月 前

    Watching this again while waiting for monday to come😙

  81. ruth:)


    个月 前

    Shipping them togrther feels like I'm betraying park hyung sik

  82. Muse ✨

    Muse ✨

    个月 前


  83. Christina Masih

    Christina Masih

    个月 前

    Love them

  84. Trisha Sodhi

    Trisha Sodhi

    个月 前


  85. Vicki Burdett

    Vicki Burdett

    个月 前

    Funny adorable!!!

  86. Ariadna Mondragón

    Ariadna Mondragón

    个月 前

    These two makes me bi panic really bad. When I watch the chapters i keep stopping the video to appreciate them in their beautiful outfits and backgrounds and sometimes because i need a moment to calm down my heart when they are cool or cute or silly and my heart just go like "ahhhhhhh 💓💘💓💘💓💘💓💘" it feels like dying of happiness

  87. Cristine Pascua

    Cristine Pascua

    个月 前

    I can't stop smilling when i start this video.😁

  88. Adriana Irdina

    Adriana Irdina

    个月 前

    2:30 It's so funny

  89. 세븐틴입덕하세요


    个月 前

    This drama makes me forget about min min and bong bong couple😂😂😂😂 park bo young is so shippable and cute😭

    • Tamika타미카


      个月 前

      Sad fact 😂 SORRY MIN MIN ! 😂

  90. Jhane Vibar

    Jhane Vibar

    个月 前

    im so kilig with this two 🥰

  91. Isela Oronzor

    Isela Oronzor

    个月 前

    They are so chaotic, I love them 😂

  92. Forest Guardian030

    Forest Guardian030

    个月 前

    We just not gonna talk about him being on the bed with the legs straight in the air 🤣

    • yana giyanah

      yana giyanah

      个月 前


    • Forest Guardian030

      Forest Guardian030

      个月 前

      @muti HE DOES OMG I CANT UNSEE IT 🤣💀

    • muti


      个月 前

      he looks like that one cat meme😂

    • hacchan


      个月 前

      someone need to do a meme with that 😂

  93. Angie


    个月 前

    I love their relationship 😩

  94. Wyne Mitha

    Wyne Mitha

    个月 前

    HAHAH they’re so playful, this is soo cutee! Thank u so much!

  95. Janna Ariella

    Janna Ariella

    个月 前

    "please do the position properly" myul mang: 😳😳😳😳

  96. May C.

    May C.

    个月 前

    Bo Young have great chemistry with everyone she starred with. She’s so “shippable”, if that’s even a word.

    • nana ·

      nana ·

      22 天 前

      yes shes very lovable and bubbly

    • Chou Tzuyu

      Chou Tzuyu

      个月 前

      @april 0406 her eyes remind me of Sana from Twice. They are so sweet and shippeable. Sana is shipped with the whole industry including girls lol

    • Ariadne Marie Buscato

      Ariadne Marie Buscato

      个月 前

      @Wan wan wolf hunt. they will just start shooting

    • Wan wan

      Wan wan

      个月 前

      @Ariadne Marie Buscato what movie??

    • Ariadne Marie Buscato

      Ariadne Marie Buscato

      个月 前

      @Drama Life he's doing a movie with somin! i'm excited

  97. nori


    个月 前

    Will there be any love triangle with the main characters? I'm excited for Myul mang to get a little bit jealous if there will be......

    • Drama Life

      Drama Life

      个月 前

      Nah! So far, DAYS is the only kdrama that I have seen that the second FL got the love triangle instead of the main FL. 🤣

  98. Jo Faminialagao

    Jo Faminialagao

    个月 前

    What drama is this?

    • Jo Faminialagao

      Jo Faminialagao

      个月 前

      @athena lei thank you 😍

    • athena lei

      athena lei

      个月 前

      doom at your service

  99. ᴀᴍʙᴇʀامبر☄


    个月 前

    Wish he would comeback as a singer also. Miss his voice

    • The_Lorax


      个月 前

      @lily Oof girl. His voice is like melting chocolate. I first knew him as a singer and he is so damn underrated! Check out the song Would you? (with Swings) and his song Bebe....he is ALL types of fine.

    • lily


      个月 前

      Omg i didn't know he was a *SINGERRRR*

    • Manasvi Jamwal

      Manasvi Jamwal

      个月 前

      Be is going to sing one of the ost of doom at your service

  100. kimchiiiya


    个月 前

    Not to be offensive or something but using that sudden noise or whatever that is for effect was honestly not a really good choice. Most esp for viewers who have sensitive ears or those who watch using earphones like me