NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | May 19, 2021

Check out the top 5 plays of the night from May 19, featuring Lebron James, Steph Curry and MORE!

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  1. YoBobby


    23 天 前

    my all time favs are when he said "shining brighter than a chameleon sitting on top of a rainbow" and "with more shake than a rattlesnake in an earthquake"

  2. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    个月 前


  3. Crypto_Brainiac


    个月 前

    0:06 top duet!

  4. P.k. victor

    P.k. victor

    个月 前

    how is LBJ 3p shot in no, 1. ? Curry stepback 3s is much better .

  5. Cameron King

    Cameron King

    个月 前

    Number 9 was a travel.... like the league let you do anything

  6. Andy Sanchez

    Andy Sanchez

    个月 前

    Lakers winning the championship again!!! 🐐💜💛💜💛💜💛💜🐐

  7. It'sEG


    个月 前

    LBJ = G.O.A.T

  8. Kurt r

    Kurt r

    个月 前

    I didnt even kmow they had Mean Gene from WWE doing commentary now....

  9. Bryan Quinto

    Bryan Quinto

    个月 前

    Steph’s buzzer beater 3 < Lebron’s game winning 3!!!

  10. Nader Fotros

    Nader Fotros

    个月 前

    Ok💪👑king lebron

  11. Nader Fotros

    Nader Fotros

    个月 前

    عالی💪👍لبرون جیمز 👑 🏆👋👋👋👋

  12. Jomel Licup

    Jomel Licup

    个月 前

    Goatmentator hibernation ends because Playoffs is starting. 👏💯

  13. Nader Fotros

    Nader Fotros

    个月 前

    Ok👍💪23 👑 🏆lebron

  14. Lue River

    Lue River

    个月 前

    Spitting hot 🔥 thank you GOATMENTATOR

  15. Kevin Truong

    Kevin Truong

    个月 前

    Stephs fade is horrendous

  16. Derrick Walker

    Derrick Walker

    个月 前

    🥺 just bars... just beautiful, beautiful bars. Long live The Goatmentator!

  17. Mixbass


    个月 前

    #LebronRacistJames … it’s so incoherent that he is such a ‘social justice warrior’ but he is a self-titled ‘king’, a word that represents control, authority abuse, domination, patriarchy, classism… incongruent af



    个月 前

    the Announcer is the BEST!!! ⚡️



    个月 前


  20. Shanid G

    Shanid G

    个月 前


  21. Shanid G

    Shanid G

    个月 前

    Those blocks at #4 are 🔥

  22. analogue jerry

    analogue jerry

    个月 前

    NBA as poetry.

  23. brytsyd11


    个月 前

    I dont care if the Top Plays are right or wrong. Just here to listen to Goatmentator droppin his bars.

  24. Hashim Ragow

    Hashim Ragow

    个月 前

    Who knows his name #Goatmentator

  25. L.N. Hitsman

    L.N. Hitsman

    个月 前

    "More connected to Cali than Fornia" GOLD!

  26. ?


    个月 前

    ayyye the og commentating this ☝️

  27. ShredPhil


    个月 前

    All Lakers chase Curry to eat him up but he denied them all. Goatmentator the Best ever

  28. Iso Hoops

    Iso Hoops

    个月 前

  29. By Hand

    By Hand

    个月 前

    Lebron should be #2, and GOATMENTATOR should be #1.

  30. Winthrop Andrews

    Winthrop Andrews

    个月 前

    Bball Breakdown does it better

  31. Sten-Ove Tullberg

    Sten-Ove Tullberg

    个月 前

    Stop the rhymes. They're so, so, soooo bad.

  32. Mark robinson

    Mark robinson

    个月 前

    Your a legend

  33. Tristan Britt

    Tristan Britt

    个月 前

    "All he needs is a blink of light to let this shot take flight. Once its in the air you know is goodnight"..🔥🔥 the man is really the GOAT

  34. Qwevasdef


    个月 前

    "Ounce it's in the air you know it's good night..."

  35. Shootingstar


    个月 前

    Goat absolutely fireeee

  36. Reepeet64


    个月 前

    Skipped ahead to just see #1, heard goatmentator's voice, gotta go back to catch all the bars!!!

  37. Camilo Espinoza

    Camilo Espinoza

    个月 前

    LeBron started really bad this game, but then he rocked.

  38. EthanXile


    个月 前

    There were 2 kids from Akron.

  39. Just Some Mustache Without a Guy

    Just Some Mustache Without a Guy

    个月 前

    They need to teach GOATMENTATOR's poetry in college.

  40. Scooby Yemen

    Scooby Yemen

    个月 前

    Let him commentate on all the playoff games....

  41. RHLM


    个月 前

    To many 🔥 bars

  42. theRawBean


    个月 前

    GOATMENTOR should be a rapper!

  43. shenqiangshou


    个月 前

    oh some legendary bars from Goat! wootwoot!

  44. Cherif Hamidou

    Cherif Hamidou

    个月 前

    This guy must be on the Motion Station too

  45. Derrick Hamilton

    Derrick Hamilton

    个月 前

    First...da GOATmentator got BARS...HEAVY BARS. Second da look Steph have LBJ was PRICELESS

  46. Dalton Presley

    Dalton Presley

    个月 前

    Worst commentator ever. The rhymes are for a 3 year old 😂

  47. Mr. Ry

    Mr. Ry

    个月 前

    "More connected to Cali than Fornia". The goatmentator shouldve been a feature on The Off Season

  48. Riley Copus

    Riley Copus

    个月 前

    This is lit, I love what the NBA does.

  49. Michael Stachowski

    Michael Stachowski

    个月 前

    You see Curry's face

  50. The Overview

    The Overview

    个月 前

    best comementator

  51. Donovan Williams

    Donovan Williams

    个月 前

    Lol y’all cray

  52. stekloob


    个月 前

    0:23 Did Spurs score on the 3rd try?

  53. Hiyuke La Vie

    Hiyuke La Vie

    个月 前

    "For this trip around the sun, the kid from Akron is still number one" I mean, wtf, that doesn't even make any sense He's just jamming random words into his script just to try and make them rhyme He's trying too hard, and it's stupid

  54. Xan Yamamoto

    Xan Yamamoto

    个月 前

    He is the best announcer in youtube

  55. Nicolas dinozzo

    Nicolas dinozzo

    个月 前

    OUILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dillon brooks 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Albert Bernardino

    Albert Bernardino

    个月 前


  57. Sean Long

    Sean Long

    个月 前

    Yea, looks like I’m getting what I wanted...the GOAT on Thursday and Friday...hopefully.

  58. Supreem Court

    Supreem Court

    个月 前

    "More connected to Cali than fornia" REEEAAAAACCCHHHHH........

  59. kiratsky TV

    kiratsky TV

    个月 前

    where's the block for wiggins to lebron james !!! BIAS

  60. Savage Joe

    Savage Joe

    个月 前

    Goatmentator > Hornets announcer

  61. J Simmons

    J Simmons

    个月 前

    Can't say LBJ would hit that shot again given a 2nd chance.

  62. Kim Joseph

    Kim Joseph

    个月 前

    Refs saved the LA Floppers

  63. Shawnie


    个月 前


  64. Delo Regina

    Delo Regina

    个月 前

    😂 😂 😂 Saming mga pilipino tang ina mo macolong inggit kalang magreretire ka nalang na hindi nag champion 💯✌️✌️✌️✌️😂🧟‍♂️

  65. Vale Santos

    Vale Santos

    个月 前

    Goatmentator bringing justice to the top 5 🔥

  66. Conner M

    Conner M

    个月 前

    Gee, I wonder what #1 is

  67. Shlok


    个月 前

    This dude finds rhymes out of everything like how

  68. nelsanity tv

    nelsanity tv

    个月 前

    Goatmentor is probably the ghost writer of Dizaster. Man you're on fire with your rhymes

  69. Jefrey Guimare

    Jefrey Guimare

    个月 前

    Goatmentator on the Best game of the Year.

  70. Pi Dong

    Pi Dong

    个月 前

    Dagger 3 FTW

  71. XWespX


    个月 前

    Get Physical Silver Now, Hyperinflation is coming!!!!

  72. Alare


    个月 前

    LeBron isn't human

  73. David McMahon

    David McMahon

    个月 前

    "Acropolis" and "top our list" I can't with this guy. BARS.

  74. M C

    M C

    个月 前

    Dude knows how to bust a rhyme.

  75. troyerjt


    个月 前

    We want top 10s only

  76. MrDevilgodspeed


    个月 前

    Curry got a taste of his own medicine with that LBJ trey

  77. Edwin Constantino

    Edwin Constantino

    个月 前

    I like it when this voice does this NBA Top 5/10 highlights!Always lit🔥

  78. Mema Name

    Mema Name

    个月 前

    That move by poole was nasty even though he didn't finish it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Fitz Cortes

    Fitz Cortes

    个月 前

    Kid from akron still no.1. 🔥 facts.

  80. ToysofArkham


    个月 前

    Goatmentator just amps me up.... I feel great after that

  81. Gabrielle McCarey

    Gabrielle McCarey

    个月 前


  82. J Chandler

    J Chandler

    个月 前

    Lbs should be good..... if not great hes been doing the same craft his whole existence..... only callus he got is from the rim. #notimpressed

  83. Arthur Farquharson Jr

    Arthur Farquharson Jr

    个月 前


  84. CinemaPills


    个月 前

    I see three goats in this video! 🔥

  85. Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson

    个月 前


  86. Mike T.

    Mike T.

    个月 前

    Top 3 performers of the night: Goatmentator LeBron Curry

  87. S J

    S J

    个月 前

    Goatmentator ~ once again sir you have out done yourself!

  88. Kim Justin Dela Rosa

    Kim Justin Dela Rosa

    个月 前

    Goatmentator just makes top plays sweeter all the time.

  89. Medhabrata


    个月 前

    Hot sauce

  90. Johnny Alejar

    Johnny Alejar

    个月 前

    "Kyle anderson treats rudy rudely!" Goatmentator!!

  91. Jason J

    Jason J

    个月 前

    Where is wiggin’s block on bron?

  92. mattiac1984


    个月 前

    You gotta put that Curry buzz beater at nr. 2. From a Lakers fan, that shot was beyond impossible

  93. Thorben Johr

    Thorben Johr

    个月 前

    Currys 3 shouldve been Nr 1

  94. Ode Solomon

    Ode Solomon

    个月 前


  95. franklin sayago

    franklin sayago

    个月 前

    dagger 3 from hollywood

  96. Edward Andrew Gambe

    Edward Andrew Gambe

    个月 前

    Goatmentator is Eminem's ghost writer.

  97. 2ellas2


    个月 前

    It's fun to see lebron "curry" curry

  98. Ayobami Macaulay

    Ayobami Macaulay

    个月 前

    You know it’s good when Goatmen doesn’t even bother to say “Cut It!” Properly

  99. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

    个月 前

    The #NBA should have suspended #LeBronJames already! #BackTheBlue 👮‍♂️🚔👮‍♂️. He's a 🤡. Go #Suns !!!

  100. Broke Thumb Gaming

    Broke Thumb Gaming

    个月 前

    Brought to you by the NBA Narrated by Dr. Seuss