How to Become POPULAR GAMER | Just DANCE Minecraft SIMS in REAL LIFE - by La La Life Games

Our gamers know how to become popular!💥 When you are a loser, a nerd, or from the future, you still have a chance to become a TikTok and school STAR. Watch our NEW funny video😁 and find out many secrets of popularity!

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00:00 Real fan of JUST DANCE
02:42 Girl`s morning
04:20 Nerd GIRL learn to DANCE
05:49 Dance battle
06:55 TikTok STAR
09:45 Dance competition
11:13 LOSER
12:20 How to become POPULAR
13:56 SIMS
15:00 Winner
15:30 Date
17:00 Minecraft
17:40 TikTok popularity
18:53 FIGHT
19:35 PARTY
20:30 Birthday
21:22 Life in FUTURE
23:30 Time machine
24:30 SCHOOL
25:33 E-girl
26:40 Smart girl
28:23 Never be FRIENDS
29:40 Gamer

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    If you had a TIME MACHINE, what time would you move to?😎 Answer in the comments👇

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