Chris Paul cuts off Charles Barkley to let him know this...

Chris Paul cuts off Chuck to let him know this...

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Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers.
Portland Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns.
Trail Blazers vs Suns.
Suns vs Trail Blazers.
Suns vs Blazers.
Blazers vs Suns.


  1. Joseph Keller

    Joseph Keller

    19 小时 前

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    David Gallegos

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  3. Mo Kush It Gone

    Mo Kush It Gone

    天 前

    Chuck about to be hurt because CP3 did what he couldn't do.

  4. John Miedowicz

    John Miedowicz

    天 前

    He told charles!

  5. Barry Dunne

    Barry Dunne

    天 前

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  6. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan

    2 天 前

    I was thinking cos of that Blake Griffin/ Chris Paul joke from b4.

  7. xing jinming

    xing jinming

    2 天 前

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    Sierra Melany

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  12. Horace Johnson

    Horace Johnson

    8 天 前

    MJ23 handed it to a lot of "phuklers."

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    Shota Tor

    8 天 前

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  14. F Zora

    F Zora

    8 天 前

    Glad he shut down Barkley. So glad

  15. Keke*from* Shh-cago

    Keke*from* Shh-cago

    8 天 前

    Chuck low-key just wondering about the nachos

  16. Murray Spain

    Murray Spain

    8 天 前

    Chris Paul a pro he knew where Charles was going with that question and beat him to the punch as they say I liked his answer also

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    woijhhgjkuy gfghjkuiyty

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    Joseph Keller

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  19. Next Up

    Next Up

    9 天 前

    Shout out to Charles Barkley. Best spokesperson the NBA could have. The woke NBA and WNBA need to go play in their home country of China. I will NOT watch them every again.

  20. All Profits

    All Profits

    9 天 前

    Atleast I know when the WNBA season start

  21. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    10 天 前

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    Ralph Miler

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    Deonte Allmond

    10 天 前

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  24. Beazt NdaEazt

    Beazt NdaEazt

    10 天 前

    Chris all in his feelings cutting off Charles. Talking about Memphis 😂🤣🤣 STFU cry baby



    10 天 前

    He doesn't look 36 year old more like 22.

  26. Darren Scott

    Darren Scott

    10 天 前

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    ced ed

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    Devid John

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    Jesusa Fluhman

    10 天 前

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  30. Jay Yoyo

    Jay Yoyo

    10 天 前

    It's pitiful these players like Shnaq O`Meal are so ego starved now that they're outta league receiving less attention. They have to resort to antics like saying "SHNAQ HERE" in hopes of some vague salute like "wat up big dog" from the current players or at least an acknowledgment that he actually at one time was able to run up and down the court.

  31. Bryce Harrington

    Bryce Harrington

    11 天 前

    Chris always sound like he gonna cry

  32. Kratos


    11 天 前

    Chucks face and voice at 1:31 Tf was that sound? "Uugah"

  33. Kratos


    11 天 前

    1:14 U can tell from tha gate he dont fk w barkley... speaking as a nba player... none of us do. Just look at 1:25 how cp just looks away. We all know that look cuzz. Lol

  34. Slish Cam

    Slish Cam

    11 天 前

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    napai ficae

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    Md. Mohiuddin Khan

    11 天 前

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  37. marlon luistro

    marlon luistro

    11 天 前

    sorry to cut you chuck but im gonna do something that you didnt when you were with the suns and thats to bring home the title

  38. Marty C

    Marty C

    11 天 前

    Phoenix Suns have had some of the best guard play in the history of the Nba. Walter Davis, Paul Westphal, Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Chris Paul.

  39. Jesusa Fluhman

    Jesusa Fluhman

    11 天 前

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    Declan Lawford-Wickham

    12 天 前

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  41. Uncle Bono

    Uncle Bono

    12 天 前

    Chuck fucked up...

  42. Hoeger Mayra

    Hoeger Mayra

    13 天 前

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    Raedseva Nasrtary

    13 天 前

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  44. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty Shackelford

    14 天 前

    I haven't watch the woke NBA in over 4 seasons. To hell with these overpaid, leftist tw*ts!

  45. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski

    14 天 前

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  46. Titilayo Uzochi

    Titilayo Uzochi

    14 天 前

    Forest for the trees Charles, that's why he never one a championship.

  47. Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez

    14 天 前


  48. Josiah Matthews

    Josiah Matthews

    14 天 前

    CP3 brought him back to reality

  49. Teddy Bruckshot

    Teddy Bruckshot

    14 天 前

    Its just sad that this good run for the suns gonna end like the warriors when they met Cleveland in the finals. I see Utah jazz winning it all, it's strange, they got a complete team not just a big 3 offensive team and harden is done he cant play no more hes gonna retire in a couple of days watch

  50. Rebecca Lyman

    Rebecca Lyman

    15 天 前

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  51. The Earl14

    The Earl14

    15 天 前

    What's the big deal. CP apologized for cutting Charles off.

  52. Cecil Clark

    Cecil Clark

    15 天 前

    Charles go to dam fair

  53. Andres Alba

    Andres Alba

    15 天 前

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  54. DamagerDave


    16 天 前

    The WNBA atill in bussiness?

  55. Patel Samit

    Patel Samit

    16 天 前

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  56. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson

    16 天 前

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  57. bobby smith

    bobby smith

    16 天 前

    No lies

  58. Mat Cole

    Mat Cole

    16 天 前

    You can definitely score CP3. You got game.

  59. Emmanuel Buenviaje

    Emmanuel Buenviaje

    17 天 前

    CP deserves a ring. Solid player

  60. Steve Castagner

    Steve Castagner

    17 天 前

    Fred Sanford's favorite quote "You Big Dummy"!!!

  61. DBPromo


    18 天 前

    I'm a laker fan but since they out now i really hope cp3 wins a championship this year he deserves it. Idk about the suns tho lol 😆 but go Cp3 haha.

  62. Scott Helm

    Scott Helm

    18 天 前

    "shout out to the WNBA starting tomorrow". Ridiculous statement meant for nothing more than the woke media to salivate at his wokeness. Nobody cares about the WNBA, and if CP3 is genuine, you NBA woke players can start protesting pay raises and sit these games out. You won't do that, will you?

  63. Carlyle Tom

    Carlyle Tom

    19 天 前

    Whats wrong about him cutting him off? Chris had a Say no more kind of answer, before Barkley could finish.

  64. Khiyana Davis

    Khiyana Davis

    19 天 前

    He said what he said

  65. JOEL E

    JOEL E

    19 天 前


  66. Michael Paiva

    Michael Paiva

    19 天 前

    Click Bait, CP3 doesn't even know he cut off Barkley. Charles says one word after Shaq and them said there good byes so Chris jus wanted to get that in before they cut HIM off. Charles thought the conversation was over so he went to speak and CP3 spoke at the same time. Paul.has no idea Charles was even talking when he says the " watch the lady's tomorrow " . Which Chris is referring too the " International Twerk Competition " in Miami and yea you bet your ass im gonna watch that on my satellite TV baby! Ty for the heads up Chris!

  67. Reymma tv

    Reymma tv

    19 天 前

    lakers always im not bileve you cris paul jazz champion not suns😠😠😠😠😠

  68. RogueGhost24


    20 天 前

    Lol you can duck somebody, but you gotta be in the East haha

  69. Kayode Oseni

    Kayode Oseni

    20 天 前

    Shouting out the WNBA players was really stand up of Chris.

  70. Mantooth


    20 天 前

    Had to revisit this video after they just beat the Lakers....👊👏

  71. Jacqueline Hughes

    Jacqueline Hughes

    20 天 前

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  72. francis serdenia

    francis serdenia

    20 天 前

    this is the leader the suns have been missing for years. Nash was that last leader... Now CP3 is taking over.

  73. Frinchy


    21 天 前

    Suns going to win it all, Remember this comment June 4, 2021

  74. my millionaireclub

    my millionaireclub

    21 天 前

    Shaq sound so dumb....Kobe was so intelligent!!!

  75. Asenjo Leo

    Asenjo Leo

    21 天 前

    See Clippers

  76. Mediazzzzzz


    21 天 前

    Cp3 and kobe would of won another two titles

  77. Dr.Lemmiwinks


    23 天 前

    Hes still ringless and washed.

  78. Ajani Malik

    Ajani Malik

    23 天 前

    CP3 body language said it all, "You saying that same shit other people said to me."

  79. Necole Settles

    Necole Settles

    23 天 前

    You see it coming at 1:26

  80. CruzintheRaw


    23 天 前

    02:16 ... all the shout outs on the planet will not help the wnba... nobody watches cuz nobody cares... The nba is falling hard in America as the nba looks to communist china for their financial gain... Nba don't care... it's all about the china renminbi...

  81. David Do

    David Do

    24 天 前

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  82. cosmic hebrew

    cosmic hebrew

    24 天 前

    Charles cooon.

  83. Seed Sowers of Israel.

    Seed Sowers of Israel.

    24 天 前

    Nothing disrespectful about it, just speaking Truth.

  84. Maria Patricia Chavez

    Maria Patricia Chavez

    24 天 前

    Hola. tuvoko

  85. Ronald Loot

    Ronald Loot

    25 天 前

    Realtalk! Alot of talented players on West!

  86. tlow1976


    26 天 前

    Love the shoutout he gave his little sisters. Wnba 25th season

  87. KR Henderson

    KR Henderson

    26 天 前

    It was a valid question because the parity is better this year than in years past! And, it wasn’t a disrespect to Chuck as he stated....

  88. All-Day Stevie J 313

    All-Day Stevie J 313

    26 天 前

    Damn shame he had to shout out the WNBA to keep them off his back these women I tell you

  89. Dan Wallace

    Dan Wallace

    27 天 前

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  90. Eard Garcia

    Eard Garcia

    27 天 前

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  91. roc weed

    roc weed

    28 天 前

    cp3 saying he can score yes he can..he speaking of get team on same ducking in west

  92. Lionel Turner

    Lionel Turner

    28 天 前

    Respect chris Paul💯. Charles get that egg off yo face now😅

  93. DJCalimovement


    28 天 前

    Chris is injured again....damn this dude always goes limp during the playoffs.

  94. Lang Marcus

    Lang Marcus

    28 天 前

    The likeable lynx postsynaptically reject because band supply grate failing a animated seaplane. thick, loutish amount

  95. Andy Nash

    Andy Nash

    29 天 前

    Why in the world does shaq have shades on lol. Charles get’em

  96. luis colon

    luis colon

    29 天 前

    The teeny-tiny freighter emotionally arrive because eyeliner normally drip below a combative aluminium. available, worried iron

  97. dwe bgh

    dwe bgh

    29 天 前

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  98. Ryan Humour

    Ryan Humour

    个月 前

    Let em KNOW!!!!!!

  99. Jacob


    个月 前

    Chuck at 2:07.....LOL!!!