Why The iPad Doesn't Have Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode on the iPhone is a very popular feature. But for some reason, Apple decided not to include it on the iPad. And I’ll explain why in this video.


  1. Liam


    8 小时 前

    update, we have low power mode on iPadOS 15

  2. C8 Music

    C8 Music

    17 小时 前

    POV: your watching this on a ipad

  3. Veselo X

    Veselo X

    2 天 前

    Now it has

  4. MB Command Nerd

    MB Command Nerd

    3 天 前

    Surprisingly enough, Apple just completely invalidated this video by ADDING LOW POWER MODE IN iPadOS 15! Even the Mac is getting it this year!

  5. TheZztalkcovers


    3 天 前

    Well they have it in the iPad os 15 developer beta

  6. L TY

    L TY

    3 天 前

    Apple: Hmm what should I add to iPadOS 15?Let me check the web! The web:Why iPad doesn’t have low power mode? Apple: *Write that down!Write that down!*

  7. khan Khan

    khan Khan

    4 天 前

    Hey, there is a low power mode on the iPad. Search for iOS q5 download and click beta profiles. Allow the configuration. Restart. Done love and install. One downside to this is that when I click safari to search, there are two search bars, when I click the first one, safaris crashes.

    • khan Khan

      khan Khan

      4 天 前

      Another feature I would like in iOS 15 and iPad is 15 and for the rest is low power mode for other devices. Where maybe the device like airpod pros could syncs to a iPad or iPhone then I would need to turn on low power mode on my iPad and it will give me an option to turn low power mode for my airpod pros, kinda like how an Apple Watch syncs with a iPhone

    • khan Khan

      khan Khan

      4 天 前

      Oh wait, sometimes it still might happen but most of the time it will not. Also sometime the keypad will be on the wrong side of the iPad.

    • khan Khan

      khan Khan

      4 天 前

      For the safaris problem I just went through my iPads tabs and got rid of safaris tab on my iPad and went back in safaris and it was fixed.

    • khan Khan

      khan Khan

      4 天 前

      When it’s installed go to setting and go to control center and add low power mode. Then click the right top side of your i[ad and click the battery and it’s activated.

  8. thramer gaming

    thramer gaming

    4 天 前

    It is on iPad OS 15 and if you aren't using the Developer beta you can use Low Power Mode but you have to ask Siri.

  9. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh

    5 天 前

    Low power mode useful when trying to squeeze more battery lifer out of a single charge. Would really be useful on a device like the iPad if it's gonna be a powerful as a PC.

  10. Pro max channel

    Pro max channel

    6 天 前

    iPads have a bigger Battery and have more bright screen than a iPhone.

  11. Fayan TV

    Fayan TV

    6 天 前

    The title should be “Why IPads Didn’t Had Low Power Mode

  12. X39


    6 天 前

    I watch videos like this because it amuses me how things get explained from apple users views Like, sure... Don't include a low power mode, that eg. Doubles polling rate of apps, reducing actual battery consumption noticeably because "they are used different" Real reason is because developers cost money, and there are plenty other things to implement that are more important then getting compatibility with something The USB c thing is even more amusing to me, like seriously... Only reason is because milking apple users is easier if you have multiple cables that can break and, most importantly, have built in drm, to prevent non "certified" (as in Apple tax applying) products Especially with the lightning connector, things are funny because it is based on the early Intel design and is, at least to some degree, technically compatible to USBc But hey, you cannot make money off of those things Why the last port on the iPhone btw will disappear is because the EU forces Apple right now to switch to USBc No charging port = no cable for the iPhone And you even can sell certificates for your chargers plus support what the EU want then (afterall: make them compatible with non apple devices and require certificates for Apple devices = win win, because now everyone could buy apple inductive chargers for everything, EU ruling is satisfied and more money can be made)

    • OG


      3 天 前

      @X39 that’s my opinion but yours makes sense to besides the for profit approach opinion because the goal of every company nowadays is to make money. That’s why Samsung puts lots of features even if they are not good or perfect, that’s why google made sure their OS was optimized for their phones. That’s why Netflix has originals only on Netflix. It’s all to make as much money as possible so you can’t single out apple when every company is doing the same

    • OG


      3 天 前

      @X39 imo apple does things to improve simplicity, that’s why their OS is not packed with multiple features and why the MacBook has 1-2 ports. But nowadays apple can’t always do that because it doesn’t always genetate sales so what they did was add long lasting updates for their products which is 5 years for iPhones, I think 8 for iPad and about 10 for MacBooks. And since they get long update support they increase prices so they can get the most money that they can because there’s a chance that the user will use up all the updates and only upgrade when they don’t get anymore

    • X39


      3 天 前

      @OG The TLDR is: Apple does things because people will buy their products anyways and hence there is no need to do any development in those areas that technically better the device live but do not make a big or any impact on the "brand feel"

    • OG


      5 天 前

      Can you simply that

  13. Aikam Arora

    Aikam Arora

    6 天 前

    On iPadOS 15 Apple put Low Power mode you can get iPadOS 15 as a developer

  14. Galaxy Noor

    Galaxy Noor

    7 天 前


  15. Hypno_Gzy


    7 天 前

    It’s official IPad Os finally has Low Power Mode

  16. Mr.Preston 16

    Mr.Preston 16

    8 天 前

    “The IPad is not as Necessary” Me who uses it for online classes: Hippity hoppity this statement is falsity

  17. Mr.Preston 16

    Mr.Preston 16

    8 天 前

    Answer: Because Apple wants to speed up global warming

  18. inci hanım

    inci hanım

    8 天 前

    On the one hand, I say what is needed, the battery power is already high, there is no need

  19. DangerPlayzGamez


    8 天 前


  20. ItsRobloxHere


    8 天 前

    iPadOS 15: *am I a joke to you?*

  21. TDL


    8 天 前

    Title : Why The iPad Doesn’t Have Low Power Mode Apple : Write that down! Apple Devs : Why? Apple : That’s our next feature we’ll put in iPadOS 15! Apple Devs : Ok! iPadOS 15 : hehe boi you are not legally allowed to talk about the ipad not having low power mode

  22. Suyash Adkar

    Suyash Adkar

    9 天 前

    Ipad does have a low power mode now On ipad os 15 beta

  23. Tragic


    9 天 前

    I swear I remember it having low power mode

  24. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Muhammad Ibrahim

    9 天 前


  25. lolgamer5924


    9 天 前

    Fun fact (before IOS 15): the iPod touch also don’t have low power mode.

  26. AquaNomical


    9 天 前

    lmao its on ipados 15

  27. Yusef Yebra

    Yusef Yebra

    9 天 前

    Same question on how we don't have weather and calc on iPadOS

  28. Arpit Kher

    Arpit Kher

    9 天 前

    Its already there now in ios15.. apple listened to you .. haha

  29. CookieCat123


    9 天 前

    If the iPhones have up to 20 hours of being online, why can’t the iPads have batteries that last like 4 times longer then an iPhone because the battery is about 4 times bigger roughly, and I know the iPad has a way bigger screen but we should still have more then 10 hours

  30. Israel Santiago

    Israel Santiago

    10 天 前

    Hello there, good explanation! I have a question that maybe you could explain for us, why the iPad doesn’t have a silencer switch?

  31. Armand952


    10 天 前

    Wtf I have the low battery mode on my iPad ?

  32. ShavedBird


    10 天 前

    But it did during iOS 7…

  33. Jonathan Andrews

    Jonathan Andrews

    10 天 前

    That makes sense tbh. 👌🏾😎🤔💭

  34. Abbygail Martinez

    Abbygail Martinez

    10 天 前

    I beg to differ

  35. Leo !!!!

    Leo !!!!

    11 天 前

    Well this did not age well 😅

  36. Glizzy iOS

    Glizzy iOS

    11 天 前

    Bro, I sit down with my iPad for at least 14 hours a day, I don’t even look at my phone lolz

  37. Mason


    11 天 前

    It actually does have low power mode in the first beta of iPadOS 15

  38. MJ Malele

    MJ Malele

    11 天 前

    Welp… this didn’t age well 😂😬💀

  39. Josh Quartz

    Josh Quartz

    11 天 前

    This aged like a rip off movie in the bargain bin at dollar general. Thank god iPadOS 15 came in clutch

  40. Atis Basak

    Atis Basak

    11 天 前

    This video didn't age well after WWDC 2021.

  41. FANG


    12 天 前

    Came here re-comment that this video has aged horribly so fast since this is coming not only to the iPads but to the Macs as well. LOL!

  42. Young Car Wiz

    Young Car Wiz

    12 天 前

    Love this. I watched this 6 days ago now the iPad has low power mode 😅

  43. Augusto Galindo

    Augusto Galindo

    12 天 前

    This video didn’t age well at all 😅

  44. Afzal Khan

    Afzal Khan

    12 天 前

    Ooooops ios 15 had lpm

  45. fury road

    fury road

    12 天 前

    Who told guys it’s finally here in iOS 15

  46. TAKV Gaming

    TAKV Gaming

    12 天 前

    bad luck, low power mode came to iPad in iPadOS 15 beta… 4 days after uploading this vid… really, really bad timing lol

  47. sourav sengupta

    sourav sengupta

    12 天 前

    iPad Os 15 include low power mode for iPad. It’s now available in all iPad Os 15 dev beta and it’s working same as low power mode available in iPhone.

  48. Hemanth Chepuri

    Hemanth Chepuri

    12 天 前

    Low power mode's in

  49. Joel's World

    Joel's World

    12 天 前

    Well Apple Explained u wasted ur time making this video, because low power is gonna be available in iPadOS 15 so y did u do this vid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  50. Pratham Jaiprakash

    Pratham Jaiprakash

    12 天 前

    Bro now there is low power mode on the iPad and MacBook in the new iPad os 15 and MacBook 12

    • Pratham Jaiprakash

      Pratham Jaiprakash

      12 天 前

      @Shield X I mean Mac OS 12

    • Shield X

      Shield X

      12 天 前

      macbook 12 doesn't exist

  51. MrSoiSauce


    12 天 前

    This argument is now invalid, cuz the iPad and Mac now have low power mode as a feature. This video aged very well

  52. Rik Liu

    Rik Liu

    12 天 前

    Because capitalism

  53. Kealan5199


    12 天 前

    this aged well. iPadOS 15 has it now

  54. Emperor Epitaph

    Emperor Epitaph

    12 天 前

    Well this video is irrelevant

  55. Gianl0ca


    12 天 前

    iPad OS 15 now has low power mode

  56. Home Srn

    Home Srn

    12 天 前


  57. Krillinish2


    12 天 前

    I want high power mode which makes everything run faster but only 15 mins of battery life.

  58. BigMan56


    12 天 前

    Quick question. What music do you use in your videos?

  59. JJ Animations

    JJ Animations

    12 天 前

    this didn’t age well

  60. ravy saini

    ravy saini

    12 天 前

    I got a ad for apple on this for o

  61. F1sh98


    12 天 前

    Lol iOS 15 just added low power mode to iPadOS

  62. Sean


    12 天 前

    Video already aged poorly

  63. MoldMoney


    12 天 前

    lol, they just added it

  64. Genesis


    13 天 前

    But it does...

  65. James Guo

    James Guo

    13 天 前

    A bunch of what you said doesn’t make any sense

  66. Jangel Nolasco

    Jangel Nolasco

    13 天 前

    iPadOS 15 now has Low power mode

  67. kristjan pirc

    kristjan pirc

    13 天 前

    No reason

  68. J H

    J H

    13 天 前

    This is funny now cause then they just added low power mode to iPad at wwdc😭

  69. Househopper


    13 天 前

    I use the iPad as a drawing tablet and usually I use it more than my iPhone so its really annoying

  70. iOS 14

    iOS 14

    13 天 前

    Low power mode is on iPadOS 15

  71. VGC


    13 天 前

    This video didn’t age well

  72. Mr_Rocket


    13 天 前

    Meanwhile: it got added with iPadOS 15

  73. Silvia Z

    Silvia Z

    13 天 前

    But there's on iPad pro with ipadOS 15

  74. Paul Liesener

    Paul Liesener

    13 天 前

    Not anymore in iOS 15!

  75. FireWarrior1176 The beginner of YT

    FireWarrior1176 The beginner of YT

    13 天 前

    My main device is an iPad, soooo… :P

  76. Uriel Mendoza

    Uriel Mendoza

    13 天 前

    They added low power mode to iPad

  77. Kaiduo Wang

    Kaiduo Wang

    13 天 前

    Well this didn’t age well, says iPadOS 15 users

  78. Gasty


    13 天 前

    Now it does!

  79. Landondoeswork


    13 天 前

    I’m on ipad and I have it on!! Oh wait… I’m on iOS15 I have the beta if u want the link ask me and I tell me your model then I figure out if ur support

  80. Hector Fresneda

    Hector Fresneda

    13 天 前

    Now, have low power mode in a iPad with iOS 15

  81. Dop Ber

    Dop Ber

    13 天 前

    Literally after 2 days Apple introduced Low Battery mode on iPad

  82. Srirama raju

    Srirama raju

    13 天 前

    This low power mode is now on ipados15

  83. Legendary Shit

    Legendary Shit

    13 天 前

    Now it has

  84. Enhbileg B.

    Enhbileg B.

    13 天 前

    Videos are getting more simple just like Apple trying to make their product as simple as possible

  85. Mahammad


    13 天 前

    Why doesn’t iPads have battery health percentage feature and optimise charging feature?

  86. Tim Cook

    Tim Cook

    13 天 前

    Low power mode is now on iPadOS 15 beta

  87. Wullf Yularen

    Wullf Yularen

    13 天 前


  88. VX


    13 天 前

    Update: low power mode on iPadOS 15

  89. ItsTheHamster07


    13 天 前

    Ok but the iPod touches are inexcusable

  90. CulturedDrop


    13 天 前

    what do ya know! the iPad has a low power mode on iPadOS 15 XD

  91. Aronno Dutta

    Aronno Dutta

    13 天 前

    And now on iPadOS 15 we have low power mode. This video didn’t age well.

  92. G K

    G K

    13 天 前

    I would love a scientific calculator from iphone on the iPad.

  93. Osprey


    14 天 前

    i dont use it anyway on my samsung tablet

  94. 420rthur


    14 天 前

    It now has

  95. Nathan Fernandes

    Nathan Fernandes

    14 天 前

    Low Power Mode has come to the iPad with iPadOS 15 :)

  96. c o z z i 123

    c o z z i 123

    14 天 前

    It does if your on iOS 14

    • Will Vlogz

      Will Vlogz

      14 天 前

      You mean IPadOs 15?

  97. Infernity


    14 天 前

    Seriously though, I need this feature, why can’t they just drop it in?

    • Wullf Yularen

      Wullf Yularen

      13 天 前

      Watch wwdc, you can now)

  98. Choco Loco

    Choco Loco

    14 天 前

    Well, it looks as though Apple wanted to make this video ancient and added low power mode to iPadOS 15!!!😃

  99. DylPickle


    14 天 前


  100. Yuh


    14 天 前

    It does now lol