Hermitcraft III 299 Professional Minecrafters

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WARNING: Prepare your faces for palming! This episode we fight the end dragon. Who would of known we could fail so much.

Big thanks to @TheTobyRobot for the epic thumbnail!

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  1. Ramiro Estevez

    Ramiro Estevez

    2 天 前

    me in 2021: why aren't they getting there on elytra?, ohh yeah...

  2. Lucretia Murphy

    Lucretia Murphy

    7 天 前

    Is this just me or does stampylongnose and Xisuma when's he laughing sound exactly the same. Is this just me ?!?

  3. Falco


    8 天 前

    I came back to watch this part because it's so hilarious

  4. ikabod krane

    ikabod krane

    17 天 前


  5. Kiritsu


    18 天 前

    "Does anybody see any dragon balls here?" Cleo: "I'm pretty sure she's a girl."

  6. Da Vinci

    Da Vinci

    21 天 前


  7. TSM- Mohandas-Gandhi

    TSM- Mohandas-Gandhi

    24 天 前

    15:32 netherite incoming ?

    • Skyehaung


      8 天 前


    • Drew Garcia

      Drew Garcia

      19 天 前

      Yeah I heard that

  8. epicthief


    24 天 前

    Waves of Snowballs attacking the dragon is an amazing sight

  9. Shivesh 08

    Shivesh 08

    26 天 前

    why is this video on my recommended section?

  10. Green Wombat

    Green Wombat

    27 天 前

    Mumbo 6 years ago when someone die "oh" 5 years later .... "oh" Same old same old

  11. Hersheys Almond

    Hersheys Almond

    28 天 前

    Omg false voice is so cute!

  12. LlamaLord


    29 天 前

    the nostalgia

  13. Thomad.


    29 天 前

    how many professional minecrafters does it take to beat the ender dragon?

  14. e3stachcat


    个月 前

    Came up in recommended after 6 years!

  15. bredisfun


    个月 前

    I agree with Xisuma, this was one of the best hermitcraft episodes ever

  16. sofiaa isa

    sofiaa isa

    个月 前

    literally everything that couldve went wrong rlly did wow

  17. Vichamen Yeah

    Vichamen Yeah

    个月 前

    5:38 he said it!!!

  18. VADER


    个月 前

    hello from 2021

    • VADER


      个月 前

      @e3stachcat sounds....... like 2020 all over again

    • e3stachcat


      个月 前

      @VADER A new pandemic starts, Aliens take over, Oceans dry up, Volcanoes errupt, only a few humans escaped so now I am watching hermitCradt 3 On mars.

    • VADER


      个月 前

      @e3stachcat what's 2022 like

    • e3stachcat


      个月 前

      I'm From 2022 actually

  19. Étoine de Vries

    Étoine de Vries

    个月 前

    Somehow this video showed up in my recommended? Watched the 1000th episode of hermitcraft but didn't really follow anything from X for a while, so it's interesting that this got recommended

  20. sonal saxena

    sonal saxena

    个月 前

    This is being recommended to me after 6 years.

  21. Vathilia Mage

    Vathilia Mage

    个月 前

    I came here after watching your 1000th video!

  22. DreamEater


    个月 前

    A lot of people are coming here after episode 1000. Really getting that algorithm boost. CNglobal recommended it to me.

  23. Blue-Maned Hawk

    Blue-Maned Hawk

    个月 前

    This isn't the biggest instance of this I've seen, but the comments on this are really old. It's always nice seeing things like that from a more innocent time.

  24. smolbrainchild


    个月 前

    oh wait... it's 12 not 9...

  25. Riley


    个月 前

    Why is this random old video popular again?

  26. The T Wizard

    The T Wizard

    个月 前

    Hello to my fellow new hermitcraft fans coming to see what they missed!

  27. nathersss


    个月 前

    Omg. At last. I cant find this. Glad it appeared on my feed.

  28. Jake White

    Jake White

    个月 前

    Woah this was in my recommended

  29. Akli “Getsuga” Ryûzaki

    Akli “Getsuga” Ryûzaki

    个月 前

    Derps ! Derps everywhere !

  30. James MacDonald

    James MacDonald

    个月 前

    It’s so weird with everyone and no elytra 🤯. Like opening up a time capsule

  31. Jbear


    个月 前

    This episode is hilarious, I'm glad I listened to future Xisuma and came back to watch this one.

  32. Rymic GamingYTG

    Rymic GamingYTG

    个月 前

    I watched episode 1000th then went to my homepage and this was here, its like episode 1000th is influential.

  33. IceChes


    个月 前

    Even so long ago X had a ton of levels all the time.

  34. Zaki Firasi

    Zaki Firasi

    个月 前

    i love how mumbo said good luck and xbcrafted just die to a silverfish

  35. Nima Master

    Nima Master

    个月 前

    "Anyone seen any dragon balls around here?" Cleo: "pretty sure she's a girl"

  36. aalienbae


    个月 前

    im here because of the 1000th episode, this is such a vibe, like old Minecraft gameplays are awesome :,D

  37. Mr_Bull


    个月 前

    Xisuma just hit 1k episodes of hermitcraft and he says this is his favorite episode and I see why

  38. Scheetcraft


    个月 前

    Wow what a profesionals then doe this too in season 8 at the beginning with all hermits

  39. SandJ Gaez

    SandJ Gaez

    个月 前

    For some reason, this was the first recommendation CNglobal gave me while I was watching a Rays Works video. I’ve seen this episode several times, it’s iconic: Group of Professional Minecrafters get Stuck in a Hole Together. It gives me so much nostalgia and I decided to add it to my “Masterpieces” playlist.

  40. Evan Sung

    Evan Sung

    个月 前


  41. LightBend Studios

    LightBend Studios

    个月 前

    rly professional minecrafters x, XD

  42. DustyReaver :Rebel:

    DustyReaver :Rebel:

    个月 前

    me coming from the 1000th ep... who are all these hermits

  43. Neith


    个月 前

    why is this in my recommended

  44. Andrew “Ol' Skewl” Govender

    Andrew “Ol' Skewl” Govender

    个月 前

    Here after 1000th Hermitcraft episode video. Yes, I want a Noddy Badge.

  45. Gacek


    个月 前

    You can see that this was made when iskall wasn't on the server since the crown hall is made out of diorite

  46. SECTUM


    个月 前

    How did this pop up on my recommended

  47. Daveco


    个月 前

    Who came from X's 1000th episode?

  48. Southern Pixel

    Southern Pixel

    个月 前

    X's laughter really makes me happy :)

  49. Viktor Vikeyev

    Viktor Vikeyev

    个月 前

    it is so weird. not seeing grian here.

    • דניאל רוטקופף

      דניאל רוטקופף

      个月 前

      Grian joined in season 6

  50. JonasAbound


    个月 前

    -208 levels NOOO

  51. Jitin Reddy

    Jitin Reddy

    个月 前

    I can understand why this is X s favourite episode

  52. Jackson Boyd

    Jackson Boyd

    个月 前

    Who else came here after episode 1000

  53. FourInchKnife


    个月 前

    Here from episode 999! It popped up in my YT recommended, probably because lots of others went from there to here. The algorithm works in mysterious ways :)

    • Orange


      个月 前

      you literally just described how the algorithm works how is it mysterious

  54. Literally Legendary

    Literally Legendary

    个月 前

    Shoutouts to the server, for being such a hero, for saving the world so many times.

  55. David Yodo

    David Yodo

    个月 前

    Coming here from Episode 1000 because Xisuma said it's his best Episode ever...

  56. __FS__


    个月 前

    POV: you watched episode 1000

  57. LollipopsYummy


    个月 前

    Just lol

  58. NicklePickle


    个月 前

    Why is this in my recommended??

  59. Owen van Bruchem

    Owen van Bruchem

    个月 前

    Im here watching this from episode 1000 and just realised that im watching hermitcraft for about 7 years!

  60. Trader Jo

    Trader Jo

    个月 前

    Wow i fell so nostalgic watching this

  61. rexenowner


    个月 前

    … I didn’t even search this it popped up in my recommended instead

    • no


      个月 前


  62. Cadaver


    个月 前

    Minecraft 2015: it takes 10 professional minecrafters to kill the dragon. Minecraft 2021: one guy with a couple of beds can do it in a few minutes

  63. CapsCtrl


    个月 前

    who else came here after xisuma said this was his best video ever

    • DennisDood


      4 天 前


    • Dane the Penguin

      Dane the Penguin

      13 天 前


    • Lori Thurrott

      Lori Thurrott

      14 天 前


    • Wajdan Nasir

      Wajdan Nasir

      20 天 前


    • epicthief


      25 天 前


  64. Марк М

    Марк М

    个月 前

    This is the best episode

  65. The Impolite Canadian

    The Impolite Canadian

    个月 前

    Hermit: you can sleep when ever you want in real life. Me:laughs in sleep deprivation >:)

  66. Esteban Calderón

    Esteban Calderón

    个月 前

    The best part is that you can watch this without knowing what HermitCraft is and it's equally as hilarious.

  67. Peter Morgan

    Peter Morgan

    个月 前

    Who’s here six years later because of the 1,000 episode

  68. Brad Wooo

    Brad Wooo

    个月 前

    group of 'professional' minecrafter XD

  69. Carlemiz


    个月 前

    Wow the algorithm.

  70. wariare12 world

    wariare12 world

    个月 前

    nah it's fine!

  71. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    个月 前

    Checking in after episode 1000, actually got reccomended

    • Cotex


      个月 前

      Yeah to me too

  72. Lil Chanka

    Lil Chanka

    个月 前

    I love mumbo in the chat

  73. Mutant Mutant

    Mutant Mutant

    个月 前

    Am I the only one who is watching in may 2021?

    • Cotex


      个月 前


    • CobaltChromeE


      个月 前

      @Mutant Mutant cnglobal.info/faq/vIialYSwnGuBmKY/sh-p-n.html here, ep1000

    • Mutant Mutant

      Mutant Mutant

      个月 前

      @CobaltChromeE I didn’t even hear that I am binge watching all hermitcraft episodes.

    • CobaltChromeE


      个月 前

      No, everyone is coming here because X said that it's his favourite episode

  74. Mystery Biscuits

    Mystery Biscuits

    个月 前

    At some point between this video and the present day, X transitioned from correctly saying "brought" to mean to the past tense of bring to saying "bought" and nowadays says "brought" in reference to a purchase. How peculiar

  75. Cohen Chesser

    Cohen Chesser

    个月 前

    Who else is back after episode 1000?

  76. TerabyteTitan


    个月 前

    3:47 My new notification sound.

  77. TerabyteTitan


    个月 前

    Did this really come up in my recommended after X mentioned it in episode 1000...?

  78. Ozzni


    个月 前

    I see this is now getting recommended after episode 1000 revealed this is the best one

  79. FeliGZ


    个月 前

    you know why you're here

  80. Uz Zwal

    Uz Zwal

    个月 前

    Just saw 1000 ep of Hermitcraft

  81. The Pale King

    The Pale King

    个月 前

    After I watched episode 1000 this won’t stop appearing in my recommended.

  82. Deesin Gamer

    Deesin Gamer

    个月 前

    I got this episodes recommendation after his 1000th episode...

  83. Boysenberries


    个月 前

    Xisuma: We have eight pearls total, so we're one short. Everyone: Oh yeah... Me: Confused laughter

  84. Catbird


    个月 前

    I watched this one after X mentioned it I believe at Minecon a few years back. And now I'm here again because of his 99 questions. It's such a classic ^^

  85. Luke Jared D. Comedoy

    Luke Jared D. Comedoy

    个月 前

    This just got recommended for me right now

  86. OSS


    个月 前

    here after 1000 episodes!!!!!

  87. Random supra

    Random supra

    个月 前

    2021 after ep 1000

  88. Za Ghurdo

    Za Ghurdo

    个月 前

    This is probably in my recommended because of episode 999 and 1000.

  89. KRO 222

    KRO 222

    个月 前

    Here from X’s 1,000th episode, this was as hilarious as promised. 🤣

    • stefan lindgren

      stefan lindgren

      25 天 前

      Jep 😂

  90. Luke Johnson

    Luke Johnson

    个月 前

    Man this is great, I especially love watching Mumbo having no idea what's going on and offering text based emotional support lol.

  91. Mladen Ivkovic

    Mladen Ivkovic

    个月 前

    This is on my recommended, because a bunch of you went from the 1000th video when xisuma said that this was his favorite episode

  92. Alex Bold

    Alex Bold

    个月 前

    Who’s here after Xisumas ep 1000

  93. dandymcgee


    个月 前

    Grats on 1,000 episodes, X. Incredible journey.

  94. Requiem


    个月 前




    个月 前

    Whos here from episode 1000? Carzy how far this community has come! ❤

  96. Willipoy


    个月 前

    Who`s here from episode 1000?

  97. Bridgett Pearl

    Bridgett Pearl

    个月 前

    Anyone else watching this after X's 1000th episode?

    • Simon Carrillo

      Simon Carrillo

      个月 前


  98. alexis


    个月 前

    0:59 LETS PUMP IT UP

  99. David “Joe” Morris

    David “Joe” Morris

    个月 前

    Who else is here after episode 1000? Hermitcraft has come a long way :D

  100. Sahil B.

    Sahil B.

    个月 前

    Who just came from his 1000th hermitcraft episode?😄