Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England

We went to England's coolest Theme Park... and it was absolutely insane lol

Mates - @Ph1LzA @Wilbur Soot
Edited by Tom & Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter)

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  1. Tom Simons

    Tom Simons

    个月 前

    ONE VLOG A WEEK BABY! its only gonna get more mental from here hahahah. consider subscribing

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      Angel Aguilar

      5 小时 前

      @Cassidy _ink_harem no

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      Cassidy _ink_harem

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    • 04_weeb_smp_29


      22 天 前

      Bro isnit wort it

    • Unkn0wn


      27 天 前

      Tommy you would hate Dollywood

    • willow


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  2. Saara Takkinen

    Saara Takkinen

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  3. BUTT0NS**


    分钟 前

    I'm going tommorow

  4. Summer


    6 分钟 前

    10:38 how did he get so many lmao

  5. Dylan


    7 分钟 前

    LOL Headphones warning @ 5:30

  6. Keysha Snow

    Keysha Snow

    8 分钟 前

    10:12 HSHSHSHSHAHAHAHA 💀😂 I almost died-

  7. Hisham2Fathima 2Hamdan

    Hisham2Fathima 2Hamdan

    9 分钟 前

    I have one question HOW DID THE CAMERA SURVIVE

  8. Purple Roblox

    Purple Roblox

    14 分钟 前

    Cotton candy pog

  9. Aizhanz Playz

    Aizhanz Playz

    24 分钟 前

    "Too much pain at the end"

  10. Mazy daizy

    Mazy daizy

    28 分钟 前

    Moral of the story: never let ranboo ride the smiler. Hes too tall.

  11. Rubedub13


    47 分钟 前

    My whole class went on a ride just like the blade, we went on over and over again and bc I'm so light I was being lifted up off my seat

  12. FUBAR


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  13. rzsiper


    49 分钟 前

    yes i will mary you

  14. Angel Goris

    Angel Goris

    50 分钟 前

    happy day innit

  15. Meow


    59 分钟 前

    you will impress her

  16. Zoe Simons

    Zoe Simons

    小时 前

    The biggest roller coaster in England is actually the big one in Blackpool.... it’s terrifying 😅

  17. Jane Tarzan

    Jane Tarzan

    小时 前

    Me:*subscribes* Me again: oo channel name is tom simpsons 👌 Me again:WAIT I MEAN-

  18. Kitty Afton

    Kitty Afton

    小时 前

    I’m going Alton tower in 2 weeks with my friend and she is adventurous so am I but I’m scared of rolllercoasters so I’m probably gonna die

  19. cameron curson

    cameron curson

    小时 前

    Why hasn't gogy commented on this video?

  20. Hasnain mir

    Hasnain mir

    小时 前

    it is the smiler and oblivion

  21. Moony Kotaro

    Moony Kotaro

    小时 前

    Damn last part hurts

  22. Darren Thomas

    Darren Thomas

    2 小时 前

    That got so emotional so quickly at the there. I am so sorry Tommy

  23. Colin Sims

    Colin Sims

    2 小时 前

    Man if tommyinnit was so scared of Alton towers so badly then he would have a heart attack at cedar point

  24. Zachary Freiwald

    Zachary Freiwald

    2 小时 前

    I’m fine on a scary ride and Tommy looks scared

  25. Zachary Freiwald

    Zachary Freiwald

    2 小时 前

    Tommy’s face is funny in the sky car

  26. 私はあなたの家にいます


    2 小时 前

    I saw all of those rides in Roblox It is real

  27. Not Wavees

    Not Wavees

    2 小时 前

    Bro I went on the second tallest ride in the world 430+ft

  28. Hunchotrap


    2 小时 前

    Pause right as you see this 8:46

  29. Shift


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  30. blackness


    2 小时 前

    Wow! Iam going to Alton towers in two days

  31. Electric


    3 小时 前


  32. Boba._.Cøøkies


    3 小时 前

    I have been to Alton towers before!did y’all see that “here we go” blue and red/orange rollercoaster? I went on it and was screaming like CRAZY

  33. rubyyy_0613


    3 小时 前

    I remember I went on a ride with my grandpa aunt and mom and I was squeezed in the middle but as soon as we went up and i put my hands up i lifted up and thought i was gonna die

  34. SuperRandoms


    3 小时 前

    Thourp park

  35. Brittany Hickerson

    Brittany Hickerson

    4 小时 前

    Tommy innit

  36. dude its me

    dude its me

    4 小时 前

    CHILD rollercoasters are amazing LIKE- All they do is move around sonetimes make u puke sometimes break and yeah ITS AMAZINGGGG

  37. YordleRiotLOgicKiaDrAgon


    4 小时 前

    Even I don't know why I'm here

  38. YordleRiotLOgicKiaDrAgon


    4 小时 前

    I always like your VIDS even the waterpark also make a gaming vid Tommy first time playing valorant

  39. Deadghostrider45 Losgol

    Deadghostrider45 Losgol

    4 小时 前

    Alt title: tommy and his friends have a mental breakdown

  40. prxttychxrry


    4 小时 前

    yooooooo, it's been like over 7 years since I've been to the alton towers theme park.

  41. Eric ツ

    Eric ツ

    4 小时 前

    Phill is like that dad that waits for his kids to get off the rides

  42. Fhillip hanzPH

    Fhillip hanzPH

    4 小时 前

    8:46 if i see this creature under my bed i will fucking run

  43. Xx_V_xX


    4 小时 前

    I love the bladder too much😘🤣

  44. Gaming with Sarah

    Gaming with Sarah

    4 小时 前

    Imagine just riding a rollercoaster then you hear “WIVES GOGY I NEVER DIE”

  45. LBB


    4 小时 前

    I wanna ride these roller coasters nooooow 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  46. Zeynep Aras

    Zeynep Aras

    5 小时 前


  47. initnotfound


    5 小时 前

    *tommy going on a ride and getting traumatized* also tommy: GOGY

  48. Weill


    5 小时 前

    Tommy’s screaming concerns me

  49. LBB


    5 小时 前

    3:18 how is that six year old shouting I loved it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Riley is a Roblox Player

    Riley is a Roblox Player

    5 小时 前

    "Where are tommy's girls?" Me: Girls? /j i dont mean to hurt anyone-

  51. drawings renovated

    drawings renovated

    5 小时 前

    At first i hated you but now i realise you're just a nice guy with swearing issues. I'll compensate with a sub and like... LOL

  52. Jacob Yucson

    Jacob Yucson

    5 小时 前

    damn all of that for nothing lol

  53. シ4xam_Mochi


    5 小时 前

    i went on the smiler in 2017 the day before it broke down

  54. Livi's Star Stable

    Livi's Star Stable

    5 小时 前

    I can’t believe that he’s scared of the rapids like I’m scared of rollercoasters but the rapids are just epic

  55. myownson


    5 小时 前

    was the end ligit or was it a bit?

  56. Spookay Shrimps

    Spookay Shrimps

    6 小时 前

    I can just IMAGINE Tommy on the Joker coaster in Movie world, QLD.

    • turtlewithoutashell


      5 小时 前

      that’s exactly what i’m as thinking !

  57. Iris Kitten

    Iris Kitten

    6 小时 前

    Idk why george didnt go with u lol🤣

  58. DrDonkey_


    6 小时 前


  59. •𝐆𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐚 𝐀𝐬𝐡•

    •𝐆𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐚 𝐀𝐬𝐡•

    6 小时 前

    "Fun for the family!" *Tommy just regretting his life choices*

  60. Hannah Hunter

    Hannah Hunter

    6 小时 前


  61. •Dēvi•


    6 小时 前

    Przytuliłabym go

  62. Bishwash Chhetri

    Bishwash Chhetri

    6 小时 前

    Dog Tommy can't be ugly Dog Tommy : 8:45

  63. baraneQ29


    7 小时 前

    energilandia better

  64. Nick Alker

    Nick Alker

    7 小时 前

    Me laughing my head off of how intense spin ball whizzer is but it was really made for six year olds 😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Sunny • side

    Sunny • side

    7 小时 前

    Nobody is gonna tell tommy that two woman lost one leg each on the smiler? Ok

  66. Brian Allman

    Brian Allman

    7 小时 前

    Why did you put your phone in your mouth

  67. Daud Yousaf

    Daud Yousaf

    7 小时 前

    6 yr old:I LOVED IT I LOVED IT will and Tommy:👁👄👁 💧. 💧

  68. Ominous Jellyfish

    Ominous Jellyfish

    7 小时 前

    Gotta love The big tower park place

  69. 𒊹︎Owl_Life99𒊹︎


    7 小时 前

    It’s the my crush doesn’t know I exist moment for me

  70. mck3nna


    7 小时 前

    Tommy what should i say going down the water slide when i go to the pool?

  71. jacob affarano

    jacob affarano

    8 小时 前

    im also scared

  72. PewDiePie Official

    PewDiePie Official

    8 小时 前

    I just want to leave a comment here simply because I’m lonely 😔

  73. Its Luna

    Its Luna

    8 小时 前

    The end with the girl..i cried bc..I mean- That was so sad ):

  74. Jomarie Garcia

    Jomarie Garcia

    8 小时 前

    8:45 lmfaooo

  75. The Bloxx Gamer

    The Bloxx Gamer

    8 小时 前

    0:36 hiS fACE LOL

  76. AmyZurainaAdnan


    8 小时 前

    I suggest your next theme park (if you want) be Warner Bros Theme Park, be careful of Batman and Superman though, it’s a drop! Watch a video with the list from least scary to most Like so Tommy sees this

  77. Marion Chloe

    Marion Chloe

    9 小时 前

    6:53 phil-

  78. PheonixSilvermoon


    9 小时 前

    The fact that Wilbur hugged you in the end and said nothing♥️ You deserve the fucking world and all those people that love you Tommy 😤🥺

  79. Bum


    9 小时 前

    The child got rejected

  80. Javane25 !

    Javane25 !

    9 小时 前

    The ending bro, RIP

  81. Michelle Romero

    Michelle Romero

    10 小时 前

    I'm only 7 and iv been on that

  82. •kay•


    10 小时 前

    It’s okay tommy she was useless amywa6 theirs millions maybe billions girls u can pick it’s fine! Don’t be sad

  83. Hell Boy

    Hell Boy

    10 小时 前

    Where was nemesis?

  84. Dibyendu Das

    Dibyendu Das

    10 小时 前

    7:56 I went on that ride 18 times in one day😳 also I’m a little kid under the age of 10

  85. $h@#ow bear

    $h@#ow bear

    10 小时 前


  86. —{B00M B00M S71CK}—

    —{B00M B00M S71CK}—

    10 小时 前

    Tommy trying to say diagonally: Diagon alley Harry trying to say Diagon alley: Diagonally

  87. jaredlucas 772

    jaredlucas 772

    10 小时 前

    Tommy listen Even though she rejected you just remember somebody out there loves you more then her Have a good day🙂

  88. tiniko Tutberidze

    tiniko Tutberidze

    10 小时 前

    Dam i girl dose not even know u exist but THERE ARE MORE SO GO GET EM

  89. Yanie Mansor

    Yanie Mansor

    10 小时 前

    You make me laugh so hard! :) Have a fun day!

  90. Sketch


    10 小时 前

    Bro this video just summoned a whole underground fandom called the ministry of joy-

  91. phyllis mason

    phyllis mason

    10 小时 前

    im only 8 and i would be saying no no no no no for all the rides that my sis wants to ride but im a fan and at wild adventers guess what there is some pretty scary rides that i want tommy to ride and waterslides really you have to go on the water slides there is drop ones and a twisty roller coster ill think he can do it im a fan.

    • phyllis mason

      phyllis mason

      10 小时 前

      im mean tom

  92. NotCano


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  93. FakeZ6 MC

    FakeZ6 MC

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  94. Cactus The Cowboy

    Cactus The Cowboy

    11 小时 前

    If you think that was scary to go bush gardens in North Carolina usa

  95. FurryGamer


    12 小时 前

    im 10 and ive been on way more intense rikkerciasters

  96. Winchester Chua

    Winchester Chua

    12 小时 前

    I wish they rode the train that passed by while they were in the water ride after.

  97. Sam Wright

    Sam Wright

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  98. •{KawakiUzamaki}•


    12 小时 前


  99. Butterly


    12 小时 前

    5:17 “I AM FRIENDS WITH GOERGE!” -TommyInnit