1. Adebisi Said

    Adebisi Said

    13 小时 前

    Is it just me or is Jessi like pretty and ugly at the same time

  2. CaratzMooLoddy


    天 前

    Their friendship reminds me of Hwasa and Wheein. I hope they got to meet and do a variety show together.

  3. Yahya


    2 天 前

    Heechul and Lee Kwang Soo will he the perfect combination to mess with KJK

  4. jt


    2 天 前

    I love these two! 😂 Their friendship is beyond words. Literally goals! Sometimes they're like dumb and dumber which makes them so amusing all the time!



    2 天 前

    jessi and jaesuk relationship just like me and my siblings *tom and jerry relationship* 😭

  6. Prabhati Khemundu

    Prabhati Khemundu

    3 天 前

    Mino so cute😘😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂 I love him ❤️ohhh goshhh

  7. inseoy4h사랑 위너

    inseoy4h사랑 위너

    4 天 前

    My fave combo. Hahahahaha

  8. Fins Naniey

    Fins Naniey

    6 天 前

    This type of friend that give his all to his besties

  9. M.Yusri


    6 天 前

    Everytime Jaesuk and Jessi in the same room, let the chaos ensues.

  10. amina tajrin

    amina tajrin

    7 天 前

    The most entertaining duo ❤❤❤

  11. Something


    8 天 前

    *BETTER* than Soomin and Sechan

  12. bread ninie

    bread ninie

    8 天 前

    they're the best tandem

  13. Aidah Bakri

    Aidah Bakri

    9 天 前


  14. Sakura Mei

    Sakura Mei

    10 天 前

    What’s the name of these variety shows?

  15. Avyanna Sage

    Avyanna Sage

    11 天 前

    It's so funny how their styles are the exact opposite of their character HAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Rhea Eurika Araiz

    Rhea Eurika Araiz

    13 天 前

    Now I know why they both have the same ideal😁😁

  17. An Fuentes

    An Fuentes

    15 天 前

    I didn't know at first that this 2 were best of friends when they debuted. I just realized now that this 2 bestfriends are actually have the same type of girl.. they both like Sandara. Lol!😂😂✌️✌️

  18. Steven Song

    Steven Song

    15 天 前

    Heechal and SJH are really close friends as well. So I like how he teased her about KJK .... Which means that SJH does have a little thing for KJK. Legit. Hehehh

  19. Steven Song

    Steven Song

    15 天 前

    Heechal knows KJK is like his older brother. Their mothers are friends and they have known each other for a very very long time.

  20. Aroob At

    Aroob At

    16 天 前

    The fans dramatic “ooh😩” is so annoying EW

    • Aroob At

      Aroob At

      13 天 前

      @pororo chu i get what heechul is doing but look at the fan’s faces they actually mean it and it’s ANNOYING

    • pororo chu

      pororo chu

      13 天 前

      It's just to tease KJK because there's no one who always tease KJK in that show

  21. seewhaticcurious1


    19 天 前

    Oh my goodness that last one was hilarious! You go, girl!

  22. 송채린와 라이프스타일

    송채린와 라이프스타일

    19 天 前

    Can someone tell me what the intro song's name is? Btw I swear a lot like Jessi and I learned swear words first in Chinese and Korean. After I learned them, I learn the rest haha. Jessi is a Queen y'all❤

  23. rQueen


    19 天 前

    All these clean SM artist should do a show on "how to keep your house clean" and I want all these idols in one room

  24. Christyan Lk

    Christyan Lk

    20 天 前

    what episode my little old boy ?

  25. Sydney Fox

    Sydney Fox

    20 天 前

    Plz..wht is the epi at 1.43 in ICSYV ??

    • pororo chu

      pororo chu

      13 天 前

      season 4 episode 8

  26. Raveena Saxena

    Raveena Saxena

    21 天 前

    The last bit is ❤️

  27. h otp

    h otp

    21 天 前

    For anyone who’s asking about the Bonus song the title is Loveable

  28. Spartace Shipper

    Spartace Shipper

    22 天 前

    Love how heechul keep teasing spartace..i've seen him teasing them plenty of times and it never gets old 😂😘😘😘

  29. Phantasmen_


    22 天 前

    Ok but why tf did they play the german national anthem at 11:20 ? Lol

  30. cherosa tr

    cherosa tr

    22 天 前

    7:01 ok but p.o apologizing by petting mino’s cheeks right after he got mad🥺🥺♥️♥️

  31. laugh out loud

    laugh out loud

    23 天 前

    I've just realised I've already watched this before since I've already liked this... 🤣💛

  32. Khoi Nguyen

    Khoi Nguyen

    23 天 前

    Everybody got that one friend that just likes to argue with you about everything

  33. catyx


    24 天 前

    TeukChul is the perfect thumbnail for these kinds of videos 🤣

  34. Joshua M

    Joshua M

    25 天 前

    No wonder Momo was so confident on asking JK for money in RM LOL. he's a close friend of her bf

  35. 112_Preeti Kumbhakar

    112_Preeti Kumbhakar

    26 天 前

    2:52 which ep and show name plz!!

  36. myka 16

    myka 16

    26 天 前

    A good point is that thanks to Jessi, Jaesuk learn english.

  37. thejacks100


    26 天 前

    I wanna see Jessi Jaesuk and Hyori in a room LOL

  38. Haru Glory

    Haru Glory

    26 天 前

    kim jong kook should just mary song ji hyo..

  39. Sooyaaa


    27 天 前

    You're a true friends when you keep bashing each other. And Mino and P.O is the living testimony.



    27 天 前

    You can't Sepperate the Je-Suk!

  41. A A

    A A

    28 天 前

    Yoojung’s “baaam” is sooo cute 🥰😂 0:20

  42. Samia Macabuat

    Samia Macabuat

    28 天 前


  43. Pauciloquent Flibbertigibbet

    Pauciloquent Flibbertigibbet

    29 天 前

    Jessi speaks and Jae Suk thinks 'this wasn't how I saw this going down'

  44. Rosalinda Gueroui

    Rosalinda Gueroui

    29 天 前

    Omg the bonus 🤣

  45. Khup Vangluah

    Khup Vangluah

    个月 前

    As a well versed in English, I know why she does not use Ho anymore...

  46. donud


    个月 前

    I bet Lee Hyori & Jessi will get along so fine & drive Jaeseok mad lmaoo

  47. Laura Dure

    Laura Dure

    个月 前

    Heechul es el mejor amigo que cualquier idol pueda tener 💙💙

  48. 윤에리


    个月 前

    Jessie: " do you know why i respect Jaesuk oppa?" Somin,Mijoo, Nara: "why?" Jessie: "because i don't have father here in Korea, and Jaesuk oppa is like a father to me, he is taking care of me just like how my father did"

  49. Nica Ficent

    Nica Ficent

    个月 前

    They are bestfriends and having a crush with Sandara Park. Hoping they will guest both in one of Sandara's show. 😆

  50. Jomel Vincent Santander

    Jomel Vincent Santander

    个月 前

    6:18 is legendary... hahaha! im dying!

  51. Tiểu Bình Quả

    Tiểu Bình Quả

    个月 前

    His energy can beat JK power :v

  52. geryhyeri


    个月 前

    Love them

  53. Stanford Cristal

    Stanford Cristal

    个月 前


  54. Kat Lim

    Kat Lim

    个月 前

    What variety show on the last part?

    • Raksha Singh

      Raksha Singh

      27 天 前

      Knowing brothers

  55. Mary joy Lorenzo

    Mary joy Lorenzo

    个月 前


  56. Jovel Mercader

    Jovel Mercader

    个月 前

    I enjoyed it very well 😂😂😂

  57. Stanford Cristal

    Stanford Cristal

    个月 前

    vLeBron James

  58. Amazed


    个月 前


  59. Diana Kim

    Diana Kim

    个月 前

    WHY would you talk about surgery?? Are Men Crazy?? I hate strong men. Get a life

  60. Diana Kim

    Diana Kim

    个月 前

    Mae Tu Ki. FOREVER! U jae Suk! SUK.

  61. Felicia Chai

    Felicia Chai

    个月 前

    honestly... i can really relate to them ;-;

  62. Blessing Laweh

    Blessing Laweh

    个月 前

    This cracked me up too much. I just knew of Jessi but I liked her vibe from the first time I saw her

  63. c c

    c c

    个月 前

    She has said she thinks of him as a dad! In the sense that he is her dad in Korea! So cute!

  64. khlaynie euqram

    khlaynie euqram

    个月 前

    What’s the episode no. of I can see your voice when Heechul was the guest?

    • pororo chu

      pororo chu

      13 天 前

      season 4 episode 8

  65. Karima Reyes

    Karima Reyes

    个月 前

    hahahaha how does he not like her? how does anyone not?! she's fucking hilarious and brings laughter to everyone intentionally or not

  66. Lora


    个月 前

    their chemistry is insane hahahah so funny

  67. Mahdi Abdurahman

    Mahdi Abdurahman

    个月 前

    Funny husband and wife

  68. 2nd gen paved the way kids

    2nd gen paved the way kids

    个月 前

    Please stream Heechul's Old Movie so we can get it to 2M before it's 2nd anniversary, it's a month away and only 123k views needed!

  69. anxious mochi

    anxious mochi

    个月 前

    3:49 they sound like a mom and dad arguing LMAO

  70. Sharon Mpata

    Sharon Mpata

    个月 前

    Jaesuk oppa say Come on Jessi Come On!!!

  71. EW! PEOPLE!


    个月 前

    Koreans need to learn from these two and stop taking everything seriously. Be more fun and interactive towards other people.

  72. CyanCrepe 8

    CyanCrepe 8

    个月 前

    What's the into song?

  73. M M

    M M

    个月 前

    Jessi Come on 😂 this always popped up in my head whenever I saw jae suk😂

  74. Candy Will

    Candy Will

    个月 前

    I can't stop laughing. They are funny

  75. seraphimprince


    个月 前

    She got a lot of face work done

  76. I don't have name

    I don't have name

    个月 前

    There's some younger brothers who can tease kjk.

  77. Nadya Aprilliani

    Nadya Aprilliani

    个月 前

    I really like jessi, she not pretending to be cute on camera

  78. AMH Journal

    AMH Journal

    个月 前

    Heechul is so naughty 🤣

  79. WNF WR

    WNF WR

    个月 前

    jaesuk english keeps on improving with jessi... and jessi korean must be also improving with jaesuk.. hahaha

  80. CHIKORITA bangg

    CHIKORITA bangg

    个月 前

    I was just scrolling and I accidentally tapped this video then I found myself laughing so hard 😂 Idk what to do with this two kekekekekeke